Request an Article by Petition

Action may be taken at Town Meeting only on items appearing in the Warrant (agenda) for the meeting. Citizens who want to bring something before Town Meeting are encouraged to speak with the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen well in advance of Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting. By doing so, they may be able to avoid the need for formal petitions.

If a resident wishes to file a Citizens' Petition, consultation with the Town Manager is strongly recommended for form and procedure. Such consultation should take place early in the calendar year for the Annual Town Meeting. 


To assist Weston voters interested in petitioning the Selectmen to place an article on the warrant for Town Meeting, please refer to the following guide for helpful explanations and procedures, as well as the appropriate paperwork to submit.


Items for the Warrant, which have not received prior approval from the Selectmen, may be included according to the following procedure:
  • Petitions must contain the wording that will appear on the Warrant
  • To include an article on the Warrant for Annual Town Meeting, signatures of 50 or more registered voters of Weston are required
  • To include an article on the Warrant for a Special Town Meeting, signatures of 100 or more registered voters of Weston 
  • It is strongly recommended that more than the minimum number of signatures be obtained, to allow for the fact that some signers may turn out not to be registered voters in Weston
To petition the Selectmen to call a Special Town Meeting not already scheduled, signatures of 200 or more registered voters of Weston, or 20 percent of registered voters, whichever is less, is required. The meeting must be held not more than 45 days after the Board of Selectmen receive the petition. 

The Board of Selectmen officially opens the Warrant to receive petitions for Annual Town Meeting and for the fall Special Town Meeting for a specified time period; however, the paperwork may be obtained from the Town Clerk at any time of the year.

The warrant, issuance and content is outlined in M.G.L. Chapter 39, Section 10.


The required Citizens' Petition paperwork may be obtained at any time of the year from the Office of the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen.