Weston Alerts

WestonAlerts is the official emergency notification system used by the Town of Weston so Town Officials can quickly communicate with residents during emergencies.

The Town of Weston has migrated to the CodeRED Community Notification System. If you would like to manage emergency notifications please sign up using your email address by visiting this link, or text WESTONALERT to 99411 using your cell phone.

CodeRED will deliver several benefits for residents and enable staff to mCodeRED Graphicore efficiently manage and distribute notifications before, during, and after emergency and non-emergency events:

  • Registration for this notification service is customized, allowing residents to choose which alerts they’d like to receive, as well as their preferred channel.
  • Residents can select several different methods including landline, cell phone, email, text message, TTY, or even a combination. These alerts can be specific to streets or neighborhoods, so individuals within affected areas are sure to receive relevant information.
  • Residents and visitors can keep track of alerts in Town with the CodeRED Mobile App, which notifies smartphone holders of real-time alerts in the area. Similar to online registration, users choose which notifications they’d like to receive via the app.

Getting Started

Click here to register and follow the prompts.

Save the following phone numbers into your contacts: 

  • Emergency Notifications - 866-419-5000 (Voice, Text, Email) – Examples include evacuation notices, shelter in place, or critical life safety alerts
  • General Community Notifications - 855-969-4636 (Only Text and Email) -  Examples include West Nile Virus reporting and spraying, high impact Weather Watches, large scale road closures, missing child reports, etc.
  • OPTIONAL Severe Weather Warnings Notifications - 800-566-9780 - These are issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) when the location you enter is inside an NWS Weather Warning polygon. If you select phone, you will receive a voice call, for every Weather Warning selected. If you do not want a phone call, please un-select the boxes under the Phone option. If you have opted in to receive texts, a text option is available instead.

Your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.

Adding Information and Preferred Devices

All residential and business landline phone numbers in Weston are uploaded into the system and on a recurring schedule; however, to ensure emergency alerts are received on a preferred device (cell, text, or email), all residents should log into their accounts to ensure mobile numbers and/or email addresses are added to your account. 

How to Unsubscribe

If you are currently receiving emergency, general community notifications, and/or weather alerts from CodeRED in your area but would like to stop receiving them click here to unsubscribe.  If you would like to customize what notifications you receive, you can manage your account. If you opt out you will no longer receive these potentially life-saving alerts – but don’t worry, you can opt back in at any time.


If you need assistance, please call the Municipal Informational Systems 781-786-5180.