Town Election

The Town Election is the first article of business at the Annual Town Meeting. The Town Election is normally held on the first or 2nd Saturday in May at the Town Hall Auditorium. Voting hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Elected Offices in Weston
How to Become a Candidate for Elective Town Office
Candidates may be nominated at the Annual Town Caucus. This open meeting of all registered voters is called by the Selectmen, usually in early March. Nominations, which must be duly seconded, are made from the floor. The two candidates for each available position receiving the largest number of votes at the caucus are designated Caucus Nominees on the ballot. Each caucus nominee must receive a minimum of 8 percent of the votes cast at the caucus.

Any qualified potential candidate not nominated by the caucus may get his or her name on the ballot by filing nomination papers (available from the Town Clerk's office) bearing signatures of registered voters in the town totaling at least 1 percent of the votes cast in Weston for Governor in the most recent election for that office, but not more than 50. Nomination papers must be filed with the Registrars of Voters at least 49 days before the date of the town election. Nominees should obtain more than the minimum number of signatures required to protect against duplicate and/or invalid signatures.

Additional Information for Candidates

Candidates for elected office should keep records of any campaign donations received and funds spent on their campaigns, if any. A campaign finance report must be filed with the Town Clerk according to the following schedule:
  • 8 days before the election
  • 30 days after the election
  • At the end of the calendar year (due January 10 of the next year)
The Town Clerk's Office supplies the report forms at the appropriate times. The state office of Campaign and Political Finance can provide further information.