2012 Annual Town Meeting Results

The Town Election was held on Saturday, May 5. A summary of the results (PDF) can be found online. The Special Town Meeting and the first night of Annual Town Meeting was held May 7, upon which Articles 2 - 17 were voted. Town Meeting continued on Wednesday, May 9 with Article 18.


The results of Town Meeting:
  • Articles 2-11: Approved
  • Articles 12-14, 16-18: Defeated
  • Article 15 - Amended to increase the quorum to 80, keeping current by-law language: Approved
  • Article 19: Passed over
  • Articles 20-25: Approved
  • Article 26: Passed over
  • Articles 27-31: Approved
  • Article 32: Passed over
  • Articles 33-35: Approved
  • Article 36: Passed over
  • Article 37: Approved
New Protocol
The Moderator allowed speakers a maximum of 10 minutes to present each Article, with a total of 20 minutes for multiple presenters. Article opponents were encouraged to let the Moderator know in advance that they wished to speak and were asked to limit their presentation with the same constraints. This new protocol was approved at the start of Town Meeting.

This new protocol was one of the key recommendations of the Weston Town Meeting Advisory Committee. The consensus was that citizens today are more pressed for time, but have the technological resources to better educate themselves on the issues before the meeting. Presenters should therefore assume that the voters are well informed and focus their presentations on summarizing salient facts, while being prepared to answer questions and respond to comments from the floor.

To help voters prepare for the issues to be acted upon at Town Meeting, view the following links on project information.
Warrant Issue Public Forums Website Links
Articles 2-10 Budget Town Budget Hearing
April 30 at 7:30 p.m.
Town Hall

Town Budget
School Budget

Articles 11-19
Citizens' Petitions
Town Meeting Procedure

Observance of Rules

Agendas and Minutes

Term Limits for Selectmen

Town Meeting Quorum

Dog By-Law Amendment

Distributed Antenna Study and Rescind previous votes allowing wireless antennae on Cat Rock water tank & all other water supply facilities

Zoning by-law changes
Planning Board Public Hearing
April 17 at 7:45 p.m.
Town Hall

League of Women Voters Issues Coffee
April 28 at 11 a.m.
Public Library

An Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order

Planning Board Public Hearing (PDF)

Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)

Articles 20-23
Capital Improvements
Drainage Improvements

South Side Drainage Project

Water Main Repairs
Email the Town Engineer South Side Drainage Study
Articles 24-32
Community Preservation
Operating Budget

Hobbs Pond Dam

Field Preservation

Brook School Apartments Envelope Project

Regional Housing Office

Town Hall Archives

Historic Artifacts

Recreation Fields
Email the Conservation Administrator
for Hobbs Pond Dam

Email the Brook School Apartments Manager for Envelope Project

Email the CPC Administrator for other projects.

Public hearing on CPA projects previously held on March 26

How the CPA Funds Work

CPA Project Info for Town Meeting

Hobbs Pond Dam Info

Brook School Apartments Building Envelope Project

Article 33-36
By-Law Changes
Farm Preservation

Definition of Farm

Limited Site Plan

Definition of Structure
Planning Board Public Hearing
April 24 at 7:30 p.m.
Town Hall
Planning Board Public Hearing (PDF)
Article 37
state Law Acceptance
Property Tax Exemptions
Email Principal Assessor

Additional Documents