Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is the official fiscal watchdog for the Town. Because it is difficult for all taxpayers to be completely informed about every aspect of a town’s finances, finance committees were established so a representative group of taxpayers could conduct a thorough review of municipal finance questions on behalf of all citizens.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


Lisa Reitano, Chair 2022

James Philipkosky


Gerard Jansen 2021

Ellen Richstone


James A. Jarrett 2022 John Sallay


John McDonald 2022

Bharath Venkataraman

Karen Meslin 2021    


The Finance Committee advises the Board of Selectmen and Town voters on financial matters, including the budget and departmental spending, and on all warrant articles involving the expenditure of taxpayer money including borrowing. The committee’s statutory authority is limited to making transfers from the Town’s Reserve Fund (a contingency fund created as part of the annual budget appropriations) to other line items in the budget for extraordinary or unforeseen occurrences.

Other Responsibilities

In addition to its advisory role, the Finance Committee develops long-range revenue and expenditure forecasts and plans for capital acquisitions and projects.


The Finance Committee is comprised of nine members, appointed by the Moderator except for unfilled terms (i.e. due to a resignation), which are appointed by the Committee itself and the Town Clerk; each term is three years.
Article II, Section 10, of the By-laws of the Town of Weston
"There shall be a Finance Committee composed of 9 voters of the Town who shall serve without pay and shall not, while serving on said committee, hold any other town office...the committee shall choose a chairman and a secretary, and shall, prior to the Annual Town Meeting, confer with the Selectmen for consideration of the annual budget, and may confer with other town officers, and may hold public hearings. The committee may consider all financial and other questions coming before the Town for action or affecting the interests of the Town, and may at any time make reports or recommendations in print or otherwise to town officers or committees or to the voters, and all such reports and recommendations shall be printed at the expense of the Town, if the committee so requests."