Historical Commission

The Historical Commission is responsible for the preservation of the town's historic and architectural heritage by:

  • Applying for property listings on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Approving applications for historic plaques
  • Recommending historical preservation projects to be funded from the Community Preservation Fund
  • Imposing a 12-month delay of demolition if demolition is deemed detrimental to a significant historic structure
  • Reviewing applications for demolition of any pre-1945 buildings
  • Reviewing and overseeing preservation restrictions

The Historical Commission is appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms. Staff support is provided by members of the Land Use Department.

Preferably Preserved Buildings:
Classified Structures Proposed for Demolition

In reviewing a house proposed for demolition and subject to the Demolition Delay By-law (houses built by 1945 and listed on the Cultural Inventory), the Historical Commission will make a determination if a structure should be preserved. 

If the Commission determines a house should be preserved, it will impose a delay in the issuance of a building permit in order to work with the homeowner and explore alternatives to demolition. When the demolition delay has been imposed, the house is classified as "Preferably Preserved." See the Demolition Delay By-law for further information.


  • Phyllis Halpern, Co-Chair
    Term Expires: 2022
  • Steve Wagner, Co-Chair, CPC Liaison
    Term Expires: 2022
  • Alan D. Fobes, Treasurer
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Alfred Aydelott
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Alicia Primer
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Kathryn Scadden
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Henry S. Stone, Jr.
    Term Expires: 2022

Commission Members' Representation on Related Committees

  • Henry Stone - Case House Restoration, Old Library Renovations, and Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern
  • Phyllis Halpern - Educational Outreach and Rail Trail Advisory Committee
  • Alicia Primer - Case Campus Master Plan and Educational Outreach
  • Steve Wagner - Community Preservation Committee and Educational Outreach
  • Alan Fobes - Town Center Planning Committee
  • Alred Aydelott - Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern
Additional Help: Pamela Fox - Historic Markers

More Information

An incredible amount of information about Weston's rural and historic character can be found on the Historical Commission web page, including:

  • The Town's historic resources, neighborhoods, areas and districts
  • the Demolition Delay By-law
  • historic marker program
  • architectural styles found in Weston
  • subjects relating to the historic preservation of homes and structural elements
  • information on preserving Weston's rural character