Tom Crane is the Moderator who is elected for a one-year term to preside at all Town Meetings, and is also responsible for making appointments to the following committees:

Financial Interest Disclosure

Moderator Tom Crane would like for residents to know that the Guide to Town Meeting Procedure has been updated to include the conflict of interest policy for speakers at Town Meeting.

The update is as follows:

A speaker at Town Meeting, who is speaking in his/her individual capacity (and not on behalf of a Town Board or Committee) who has a financial interest in an article shall declare any such interest prior to speaking on the substance of the article. 

For the purposes of this rule, the term “financial interest” shall mean that the speaker or “family member” (defined as the speaker’s spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters, where such family interest may be by blood or adoption) has a reasonably foreseeable financial interest in the article, whether directly or through a legal entity (including without limitation, corporations, trusts, partnerships and limited liability companies), whether the financial interest is large or small, negative or positive, for which the speaker or family member is an owner (or holds any type of ownership interest), officer, director, member, trustee, partner or employee, and further, with respect to matters involving land, a financial interest shall be deemed to exist if a speaker or any of the persons or entities set forth above is an abutter, or an abutter to an abutter within 300 feet, or owns property directly opposite to, a parcel of land at issue. 

Questions or objections about a speaker's potential financial interest may be raised by a Point of Order while the person is speaking or immediately thereafter.

Moderator's Town Meeting Advisory Committee