Tom Crane is the Moderator who is elected for a one-year term to preside at all Town Meetings, and is also responsible for making appointments to the following committees:

2018 Appointments

Moderator Tom Crane has announced his reappointment of Gerard Jansen and appointments of Karen Meslin and Bharath Venkataraman to the nine-member Finance Committee. Ms. Meslin and Mr. Venkataraman are replacing Gabrielle Clemens and Keith Johnson, both of whom did not seek reappointment. Mr. Crane wishes to extend his appreciation to Ms. Clemens and Mr. Johnson for their service on the committee and to Weston, and to those who applied for the open Committee positions. 

Additionally, Mr. Crane has made reappointments to the other committees over which he has appointment authority:
  • Stephen Ober and Nathalie Thompson to the Community Preservation Committee; 
  • Melissa Brokalakis to the Elderly Housing Committee, replacing long-time member John Heine; and 
  • William Harley and Michael King to the Memorial Day Committee. 
Any resident who is interested in serving on a town government board or committee may look for current opportunities at

Moderator's Town Meeting Advisory Committee