Area Map & Key

Landscape and horticultural features map
Map Key
  • A. Hosta garden and fountain garden
  • B. Perennial teaching garden
  • C. General nursery area
  • D. Rhododendron and azalea collection
  • E. “Henrietta Crosby” crab apples
  • F. Original rhododendron garden
  • G . Chamaecyparis evergreens
  • H . Lawn with specimen trees
  • I. New rhododendron garden
  • J. Suburban/urban tree display
  • K. Flowering spring fruit trees
  • L. Natural woodlands
  • M. Wetlands
  • N. Stone retaining wall
  • P . Large freestanding dry wall, dating to 1913
  • Q. Dirt road
  • R. Site of perennial garden
  • S. Tree collection grown to demonstrate pruning techniques
  • U. Open fields, formerly used for farming
  • V. Apple orchard
  • W. Farm Stand
  • X . Boulder that inspired the original name of the Case House (“Rocklawn”)