Route 20 Intersection Improvement

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) was retained by the Town to conduct a transportation study of three intersections and the surrounding areas to identify potential improvement options.

The full report found below presents the findings and recommendations of the study, which assessed the following intersections:
  • Boston Post Road at School Street and Church Street (all approaches)
  • Route 20 (Boston Bypass Road) at Boston Post Road and Wellesley Street
  • Route 20 (Boston Bypass Road) at School Street
The study was presented in a public forum hosted by the Board of Selectmen and the Traffic and Sidewalk Committee in December 2014. Public feedback regarding the intersection at Boston Post Road/Wellesley Street was given to VHB and used to further develop traffic relief at this intersection.

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Rt 20-Wellesley st_for 6.9.16

Rt. 20 @ Wellesley St./Boston Post Rd.

Another public meeting was held on June 9, 2016 for the purpose of soliciting public feedback on the new concept drawing for Route 20 at Boston Post Road/Wellesley Street intersection. The plan, just above, is what was presented and discussed. The accompanying presentation is available online: 
The committee presented a summary of the public hearing to the Board of Selectmen, which voted to support the proposal to advance it to the state for consideration and to fund and design a safety improvement project. This would likely include a road safety audit and review of the Town's work to date.

If it is successful, a new series of traffic studies and public meetings would occur by the state's consultant. The Town will need to support the project as the scope of work is further defined in order for construction work to ultimately occur.

Rt. 20 @ School Street

The Traffic & Sidewalk Committee received notice from MassDOT regarding some resurfacing work the state will be conducting along route 20 and an offer to widen the turn lane just west of School Street during this resurfacing project. Two concepts were reviewed by the committee, which approved the Concept 1 plan that calls for 120 square feet of roadway widening and lane restriping to lengthen the eastbound right turn lane from 70 feet to 140 feet in length. The Selectmen also reviewed this plan and thought this made sense, as well.

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TSC concept 1_rt20

Church St./Boston Post Road

Information and study regarding this intersection improvement has been handed over to the Town Center Planning Committee, as its design consultant develops design concepts for potential Town Center improvements.
The recommendations were developed through several working meetings with the town’s Traffic and Sidewalk Committee. The formation of these recommendations considered limiting impacts to property, highlighting access for non-motorized transportation, improving traffic congestion, and improving traffic flow through town. As discussed in the report, improvements involving Route 20 would require the review and approval of MassDOT, regardless of whether the improvement is being funded by the town or state funding would be requested. MassDOT has reviewed this report and provided their suggested recommendations, which are detailed in Chapter 4.

The Committee noted they had a clear priority to address intersection deficiencies at Route 20 and Wellesley Street/Boston Post Road and Route 20 and School Street first, prior to making any changes at the intersection of Boston Post Road and Church Street/School Street. This priority was established because it is recognized that the benefits at the Boston Post Road/Church Street/School Street intersection are dependent on traffic improvements along Route 20.

A public information meeting of the Board of Selectmen and the Traffic and Sidewalk Committee was held on December 18, 2014 to discuss this study and to receive public feedback. The presentation can be found below.  

Important Documents

Improvement Study Map