Josiah Smith Tavern Reuse

November 2023 update

Activity at the Josiah Smith Tavern continues to hum!

Weston Historical Society hosted a Community Open House on October 14 and again on November 5th for viewing of “History Under One Roof: The Evolution of the Josiah Smith Tavern." Over the next month they will be dismantling the exhibit. They expect to find places within the tavern for some of the exhibit panels.  Bookcases for their new Reading Room and Archives are being custom made by a volunteer and painted by members of the WHS board. The actual move into the JST will take place after the bookcases are finished.

Weston Forest and Trail were first to settle into their new space at the JST this past summer.  They celebrated on October 14th with a fun outdoor, evening friend raiser with a food truck, live music and lots of laughter.

A dedicated group of volunteers did a fall garden cleanup the following Saturday in October.  It was a great gathering as our ages spanned from high school to octogenarian, with all enjoying several beautiful hours outdoors. Brothers Marketplace donated a delicious spread of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee to keep everyone going.  Many thanks to (in alphabetical order) Hailey & Riley-Kate Andrasco, Arya Bhargava, Cindy Buzby, Sophia Chuyah, Pamela Hao, Pam Fox (& daughter-in-law, Zahra Moradi and grandson, Joseph Moradi), John McDonald, Pam Swain, Lynn Urich Smith and Aimee Wang .  Outdoor Pride keeps the grounds in excellent shape most of the year and appreciated us saving them a week of work.

Volunteers JST NOV 2023

Weston businesses have been generous in their donations to help with garden cleanup in the lull before we get a restaurant tenant.  A huge thanks to:

The second tenant into the Josiah Smith Tavern is Weston Community League.  They barely got settled in but wasted no time to put the space to good use! Please join for the Friendsgiving they are hosting this coming Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 pm in the Ballroom of the JST.  It is $20 for Community League members and $30 for non-members.  They will supply the wine but everyone gets to bring something according to the first initial of their last name:

  • A-J bring Appetizer or Salad
  • K-P bring Main Entree Dish
  • Q-Z bring Vegetable, Side Dish or Dessert


As a final note, the board of the Friends of Josiah Smith Tavern met in early November to review the submitted restaurant proposals.  Interviews with candidates are scheduled for this week.

 We will keep updates coming!

Volunteers Start the JST Garden CleanupJosiah Smith Tavern Garden Cleanup

After touring the JST with the new board members and walking the grounds, board members Pam Swain and Leslie Vensel were inspired to jump start the spring cleanup of the beautiful gardens.   This resulted in the First Annual Juneteenth Garden Cleanup that came a few days in advance of the hired landscape company.  The professional team was impressed with the work and shaved some charges off their bill which resulted in savings for the town.

Click through the pictures below to see the transformation

Before 1

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