Recycling & Solid Waste

Reducing the average tonnage of household solid waste is a priority and the Selectmen encourage residents to challenge themselves to reduce their household solid waste by keeping more out of the trash bag. 

Follow the links below for information on recycling at Weston's Transfer Station and how you can further reduce your household trash.

Don't Treat it Like Garbage

There is so much that can be reused or recycled and reducing what goes into the solid waste stream and improving the environment begins with you. 

If you are not an avid recycler or you are wishing to do more, start by making a small habit change and gradually increase from there.

The Goodwill trailer is a great place to start. The average Mass. resident throws away about 70 pounds of reusable textiles each year—and that’s not counting thrift store-quality clothes. Tattered/stained textiles, such as ripped clothing/socks, old sneakers, stained tablecloths or curtains, are a valuable commodity. Items that can’t be sold in the thrift store are sold for a variety of other uses.

What more? Old electronics, such as remotes and webcams, can be recycled, too. A trailer has been installed at the Transfer Station to take your old fax machine, computer mouse, TV, phone chargers and so much more.

Recycling is not just good for the environment and state-mandated, but it also saves the Town money. During fiscal year 2016, recycling generated $8,700 in revenue, which saved the town a total of $48,121 in avoided disposal costs.

What Can Be Recycled?

Follow these links below to learn more about keeping more out of the solid waste stream:

MassDEP Regulations

Since the '90s, state regulations have restricted certain materials from landfills, combustion facilities, and transfer facilities. These items include yard waste, metal, glass, aluminum, plastic, recyclable paper, and other materials. 

Background Information

As a designated Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, facilitating recycling and minimizing solid waste disposal is a desirable goal of the Town of Weston and as such, the Board of Selectmen convened a Recycling and Solid Waste Committee to research current best practices in municipal recycling and solid waste disposal and to consider opportunities for improvement for Weston.  Currently, Weston generates more than one ton of trash per household, per year, which places Weston in the top 10 percent of solid waste generation in the state.

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Committee Recommendations