Sidewalk Master Plan

The Traffic and Sidewalk Committee had been advocating for an expansion of the town’s sidewalk network by adding approximately four miles of new sidewalks to the master plan, including segments along portions of:
  • Ash Street - concept design
  • Brown/Winter Streets - completed
  • Glen Road
  • Highland Street - on hold
  • Merriam Street - design phase
The Master Plan outline and map can be reviewed online:


Priorities in the master plan are given to “missing links” and connections to schools, recreational facilities (including footpaths), and commuter rail stops. The Town Engineer created concept plans for each segment, noting which side of the street was most feasible for a sidewalk and locations where topography and/or available public right of way would be challenging for sidewalk construction.


Currently, the Traffic and Sidewalk Committee is working with its engineer to design sidewalk connections along Merriam Street, funding for which was approved by 2015 Annual Town Meeting. The committee is also working on a Warren Avenue footpath, funding for which was approved by 2014 Special Town Meeting. The Brown Street/Winter Street sidewalk is completed. Project information for each can be found below.

Project Information