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Jun 29

How to Deal with a Bold Coyote

Posted to Animal Control Corner by Kara Fleming

Although it is a rare occurrence to encounter a bold coyote, it can occur in spring to early summer during "Pupping Season." In the event of a coyote encounter while on Weston's trails,
it is important to think through the actions that should be taken to prevent an escalation, so know what you are observing. There are several measures that have proven to be useful for people when they happen upon a bold coyote. 

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May 02

Article 26 at Annual Town Meeting on May 7th

Posted to Wayside Rail Trail - Weston by Kara Fleming

The Rail Trail Advisory Committee would like to encourage all those who have been following our progress to attend Annual Town Meeting on May 7th. 

Article 26 on the Town Meeting warrant will allow us to continue our work in shaping the Mass Central Rail Trail – Wayside to be a significant recreational resource for the town while simultaneously assuring its integration into the rural character of Weston.

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Jun 25

Update #3 - a new concrete slab

Posted to Weston Art & Innovation Center by Kara Fleming

The latest video from Weston Media Center chronicling the progress of the construction for the Art & Innovation Center.

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