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Jan 03

Dog Doo Problems

Posted on January 3, 2018 at 10:16 AM by Kara Fleming

Besides the obvious reasons for being unsightly and a hazard to footwear, leaving dog waste on trails and fields has many health and environmental consequences as well. 

Dog waste can harbor parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Just one gram of waste can contain tens of millions of fecal coliform bacteria! These parasites, bacteria, and viruses can live in the ground long after the dog waste has been washed away. Additionally, they can be transferred to other dogs as well as humans. The EPA considers dog waste to be on the same hazard level as oil spills and toxic chemicals. Now that’s something to think about!

Bagging waste and leaving it on the trail to be someone else’s problem is just as unacceptable as leaving it un-bagged. Just this past month I have found poop bags in fences, on rocks…even in trees! Plastic bags are NOT biodegradable. 
It is your duty as a dog owner to clean up after your dog. When heading out on the trails, have a bag WITH YOU!  Be sure to keep an eye on your pup so you know where his or her business was done, so you can clean it up.

Please dispose of bags in the proper receptacles! If there is no trash receptacle at the trailhead, TAKE the bag with you. If you are concerned about the smell in your car, use these tips from other dog owners: 
secure the poop bag under a wiper blade, in the far corner of your car's windshield, during the car ride home; or secure the poop bag inside a zip-close baggie, effectively locking in the smell and allowing it to be placed in another bag without risk. 

Many national parks across the country have restricted trail use to not allow dogs.  A large part of what led to this decision was due to irresponsible owners refusing to clean up after their dogs.

Let’s be respectful of our neighbors and environment and be sure everyone can enjoy the beautiful trails in Weston!