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Dec 04

The Benefits of Beavers

Posted on December 4, 2017 at 4:06 PM by Kara Fleming

Beavers are considered by biologists to be a keystone species. This means that their presence and role within an ecosystem has a disproportionately beneficial effect on other organisms within the system. 

Although they are sometimes regarded as a pest, there are few species that better benefit a watershed than a beaver. Not only are they good for the environment but beaver ponds even recharge our drinking water aquifers! They stabilize the water table, help to remove pollutants and better maintain stream flows during droughts. Beavers are even being reintroduced around the country to improve arid lands.

There are many ways to employ beaver management in order to better co-exist with beavers and continue to enjoy the many benefits or their presence. We are lucky to have these creatures here!

To learn more about cohabitating with beavers, read this MassWildlife article.

beaver chew
Chewed trees near water are a tell-tale sign that beavers live close by.  You may see signs of beavers around College Pond off Concord Road, Duck Pond on Sears Conservation Land, and Melone Homestead off Crescent Street. (Photo by Weston Conservation Administrator Michele Grzenda)