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Posted on: July 2, 2020

COVID-19 Updates for Weston


Thursday, July 2nd

Updates as they pertain to Weston will continue to be posted to the Town’s website at and will be issued via email/text, as well as through the Town’s social media channels. Subscribe to receive these “News Flash” email/text messages at by entering your email or cell phone number, clicking “sign in” and selecting Latest Town News and/or Public Safety News. Be sure to verify the subscription(s) so you receive them.

In This Update:

  • Travelling and Quarantine Order
  • Continue vigilance
  • Update on Town Departments and Services

Travelling and Quarantine Order

Governor Baker has issued new travel guidelines in response to the increase of COVID-19 cases in 32 states. Anyone travelling to Massachusetts, including residents returning home, are instructed to self-quarantine for 14-days. This does not apply to travelers or return trips from the six New England states, New York or New Jersey. The mask order remains in effect. Anyone who is exhibiting any illness is asked not to enter Massachusetts.

Continue Vigilance

There is just so much going on in the United States, but watching the soaring cases of COVID-19 in 32 states helps put into perspective that all of the steps taken in March and April helped Massachusetts on a path toward recovery. Letting our guard down is not advisable, especially with summer travel and as the state enters phase 3 of the reopening plan. We do recognize the fatigue and how much harder it is to continue to be cautious; but the work put in has helped us get where we are. 

Please continue to ensure the following four key actions are upheld on a daily basis:

  1. face coverings in public spaces
  2. physical distancing
  3. increased hand washing and sanitation
  4. staying home when feeling unwell - check your symptoms online


  • stay at home as much as possible, even with the face covering order
  • MassDPH created a short video explaining what face coverings are appropriate for use
  • stay at home as much as you can if you are susceptible to infection or have a vulnerable person within your household
  • Always have a face covering with you
  • When you venture out, wash your hands before leaving and maintain a 6-foot physical distance
  • sanitize everything you touched (wallet, car door handles, steering wheel, credit card, etc.)
  • wash your hands immediately after a public visit
  • wash your hands immediately after touching/removing your mask 
  • Weston Firefighters filmed two tutorials demonstrating how to properly don and safely doff a face mask and how to properly remove and dispose of gloves
  • avoid cross contamination when using masks and gloves
  • Follow and adhere to guidelines that are posted at the location you visit

Town Communications Going Forward

COVID-19 email communication will be released when there is an increase in positive cases in the open community or there is another pressing issue. Please consider sharing this information with others and encourage subscription to Latest Town News and/or Public Safety News.

Case Count - July 2nd

There remains only one individual positive for COVID-19 (this is the same individual previously reported). Weston’s epidemiology team is continuing to monitor the virus and the spread very carefully. Please pick up the phone if the Board of Health is calling. Residents are urged to continue to be cautious as the state settles into phase 3.

Reopening Weston

The latest updates to town services and programming are outlined at Please note that municipalities and demographics vary, so what works for one town may not work for another. Decisions made to reopen Weston are carefully considered against state guidelines, resources, and abilities. The process also takes into consideration the health and safety of staff and residents. New procedures and protocols will be in place to accommodate safety guidelines and this may take some time to become familiar and install.

The State’s Plan to Reopen

The various phases of the state’s plan will not automatically begin unless the Public Health Indicators permit. If the numbers begin to climb, the state will return to the previous phase. Details of the reopening plan can be found at Here you will find:

Reminder Information

Prevent making others sick or getting sick yourself - steps everyone should be taking now and as we move forward, consider these your New Normal

COVID-19 Information and Guidance - health and human services resources

COVID-19 Infographic for Safety - printable version

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