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Your Top 5 for December

An easy to digest digest of Town Government news.

1 - Change to Town Hall Hours

Introducing Evening Hours on Tuesdays

The Select Board has approved a change in the business hours of Town Hall. Weston's Town Hall has traditionally been open to the public for 37.5 hours per week. This trial change will allow offices to be open to the public for 42.5 hours per week and no budget increases are associated with this change.

Starting January 6, 2020 and until May 2020, Town Hall will be open on Tuesday evenings until 7:00 p.m. This change is being initiated to assist residents who find it difficult to get to Town Hall during daytime hours. The change in hours is on a trial basis and are as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 8:00 to 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:00 to 12:30 p.m.

2 - Town Center Construction Project - November Totals

Since June 2019, the construction schedule has called for completing the installation of the primary utility duct banks by the end of the calendar year (construction season 1). As of November 30, the contractor has focused on installing underground infrastructure including drainage, water services, utility manholes, and utility duct banks:
  • The installation of drainage work is substantially completed:
    • 25 of 30 total catch basins
    • 19 of 20 total drain manholes
    • 5 of 5 total water quality units
    • 2,400 of total 2,800 linear feet of drain pipe has been installed
  • The installation of water work is substantially completed:
    • 22 of 22 total water services relayed
    • 200 feet of water main at Boston Post Road and Center Street installed
    • two water gate replacements at Church Street and Conant Road remain
  • Electrical and telecommunication conduits in Church Street and Boston Post Road from School Street to Center Street have been installed:
    • 56 of total 69 utility manholes installed (25 of 27 total Eversource, 15 of 17 total Verizon, 12 of 21 total Comcast, and 4 Town Fiber)
    • 13,175 of 33,120 total linear feet of primary ductbank conduit installed (3,723.5 of 12,050 total feet of Eversource, 3,759 of 8,885 total feet of Verizon, 2,973 of 7,285 total feet of Comcast, and 2,719.17 of 4,900 total feet of Town Fiber)
Construction activity updates are posted to the project's web page at and are also sent out via email/text notifications. Subscribe at

Photos of construction activities are also posted to the project's web page.

3 - Annual Holiday Events

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! North Side and South Side Weston

Santa is making visits around the north side of Weston on Weston Fire Department apparatus. Children and parents wishing to say hello to jolly Saint Nick can watch for him at the following locations on Wednesday, December 18th:
  • 6:00 - 6:10 p.m. - Sears and Laurel Road
  • 6:15 - 6:30 p.m. - Cherrybrook Road at the ballfield
  • 6:35 - 6:50 p.m. - Westland Road at Circle Drive
  • 6:55 - 7:10 p.m. - Fairview at Montvale Road
  • 7:15 - 7:25 p.m. - Kings Grant at Plymouth Road
  • 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. - Town Hall at the front door
Residents on the south side of town can watch for Santa on Thursday, December 19th:
  • 6:00 - 6:25 p.m. - Library parking lot (School St.)
  • 6:35 - 6:55 p.m. - Ridgeway at Chiltern Road
  • 7:00 - 7:10 p.m. - Fire Station #2 (390 South Ave.)
  • 7:15 - 7:25 p.m. - Woodchester Dr. at Shady Hill Rd.
  • 7:30 - 7:40 p.m. - Sherburn Circle at Tyler Road
  • 7:45 - 8:00 p.m. - Deer Path Lane at Country Dr.

Annual Christmas Eve Carol Sing

For more than 60 years, residents gather by the porch of the Josiah Smith Tavern (358 Boston Post Road) at 7:00 p.m. to sing Christmas carols with musical accompaniment by Weston High School band members. Candles and sheet music are provided.

4 - Help with Heating Costs

Are your heating bills getting too high? You might be surprised to learn you may qualify for assistance with heating costs or a discounted utility bill. The federal LIHEAP Program helps homeowners and renters of all ages with the cost of heating their homes in the winter (Nov. 1–April 30). The income limit for a one-person household is $37,360 and for a 2-person household it is $48,855. Asset information is not requested. Applications can be made in person at the Weston COA with Michelle Gucciardi LICSW. Please call 781-786-6280 or email for more information. Deadline to apply is April 30, 2020.

5 - 40B Updates

Modera Weston: 751-761 Boston Post Road

This is still under the public hearing process through the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The next meeting is January 27th and another meeting is anticipated for February 3rd. The ZBA must close the hearing by March 23, 2020, provided there are no more extensions to the 180-day time period to hear the comprehensive permit. Once the hearing closes, the ZBA must issue a decision within 40-days of the vote to close the hearings. Meeting materials can be found under the ZBA's web page for 40B permit hearings.

Hanover Weston: 518 South Avenue

This is still under appeal in the Housing Appeals Court.

Stony Brook Weston: 104 Boston Post Road

This also continues to be under appeal in the Housing Appeals Court. The City of Cambridge has joined in the suit against the developer due to the wastewater treatment and stormwater runoff being in close proximity to the city's water supply.
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Winter Trail Etiquette

This winter, get outdoors for some fresh air and peace and quiet while you explore Weston’s 100 miles of conservation trails and the new Mass Central Rail Trail. When the snow is right, take your cross-country skis, fat tire bike, or snowshoes out on our shared-use trails and please follow these winter trail courtesies so all can enjoy this short, yet special season.

  • Walk/snowshoe and bike next to tracks that skiers have laid out. Footprints and bike ruts spoil the tracks
  • If you posthole or fall, repair the divot
  • If you are on a fat bike and are leaving a rut deeper than an inch or having a hard time riding in a straight line, the snow is too soft for riding
  • Remember, bikes yield to skiers and everyone yields to horses
  • Lastly, dog walkers pick up dog deposits. Don’t pollute the snow or trails with this visually off-putting and hazardous waste. Please respect other trail users and our wildlife
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Dog Licenses Expire December 31

State law requires all dogs over 6 months of age to be licensed and tagged. Renewals can be done through the mail, in person, or online. You can find the renewal paperwork in the annual census mailing (see below). 

Proof of rabies vaccination is required when renewing the license. Please visit for more information.

Annual Census

Watch for the annual census mailing in January and be sure to return your census form (and dog license renewal). State law requires all municipalities to collect this information and it is used, in part, by the School Department, in order to meet its state-mandated reporting requirements for funding and projecting class sizes. Not submitting the annual census can affect your voting status and can prevent you from utilizing certain Town services.

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Weston Public Works' Snow and Ice Season Operations

Weston's Department of Public Works strives to keep roadways sufficiently clear and reasonably safe for public travel within 24-hours of initiating its removal operation. The following is a brief summary:

Sanding / Salting Operations 

Most snow and ice operations will begin with salting/sanding the roadways.  Approximately 9 pieces of town equipment will be used during this operation with each piece dispatched to a pre-assigned route. 

Plowing Operations

Plow operators generally begin when snow accumulates to depths of 2 inches and additional accumulation is forecast.

For a plowable event, the town is divided into three sections each with an individual supervisor.  There are approximately 52 pieces of snow-fighting equipment: 25 town-owned and 27 private contractor pieces.  Each piece is dispatched to a pre-assigned route.

Clearing Your Driveway / Cars

During a long snow event, a plow may initially make just a single pass down your street to keep the road passable until the final clean-up is completed.  To avoid having to clear your driveway several times, please wait until plowing operations are complete before clearing your driveway.  

Residents are prohibited from clearing snow from their cars, driveways or walls into public roadway areas.


The town will not be held liable for damages incurred by plowed, thrown or moved snow and ice as the result of normal plowing operations.

Visit the Town's website at to find additional information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Snow Policies and Laws
  • Snow Response and Plans
  • Winter Tips
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Change in Polling Location for Precincts 1 & 2

Formerly reported to St. Peter's Church and the United Methodist Church

Please note the polling locations for Weston’s precincts 1 & 2 have changed from St. Peter’s Church and the United Methodist Church to the Town Hall Auditorium (11 Town House Road) for both precincts. This change is effective immediately.

The next election is the Presidential Primary on March 3rd. The deadline to register to vote or to change your party enrollment is February 12th.

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FY21 Budget Development

The Finance Committee will begin its in-depth review of the Town Manager’s and Superintendent’s recommended FY21 budgets on January 23rd. This meeting will kick-off a series of weekly Finance Committee meetings through March where individual departments will discuss their budgets with the Committee. 

The School Committee will receive the Superintendent’s recommended budget on January 13th and the Select Board will receive the Town Manager’s recommended budget on January 21st. 

The School Committee will be discussing the school budget with various department and school personnel at its meetings on Jan. 27 & 29, with some additional budget discussions anticipated for their February meetings before the School Committee approves the WPS budget in March. Likewise, the Select Board will meet with requested departments during its February and March meetings.

All budget development documents, including the recommended budgets from the Town Manager and Superintendent, will be posted to the Town's website at

To receive email/text notifications of when these meetings are scheduled and which departments will be meeting with the Finance Committee, subscribe to receive Meeting Calendar postings, as well as School Committee, Select Board, and Finance Committee agenda postings at Enter your email and/or cell number and be sure to approve the subscription and clear the “civicplus” email as an approved sender. Users can easily unsubscribe at the end of the budget process, after Annual Town Meeting.

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Mark Your Calendars

A few important upcoming dates to add to your calendars.

  • Feb. 12th: Deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation
  • March 3rd: Presidential Primary
  • March 10th: Annual Town Caucus
  • April 17th: Last day to register to vote for Town Election and Town Meeting
  • May 9th: Town Election
  • May 11th: Annual Town Meeting


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