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1 - Check Your Subscriptions - new topics added

2 - It snowed and we'll probably get more - do you know the snow removal by-law?

3 - Run for Local Office - make a difference

4 - Animal Control Corner Blog - interesting news/FAQs from our new ACO 

5 - Town Projects to Follow - be in the know

Save the dates

Your Top 5 in Town News

A snapshot of Weston's Town Government news.

1 - Check Your Email/Text Subscriptions at

Visit Stay Informed to check your email/text subscriptions. 

  • new lists added
  • keep up with important Town news and events
  • follow projects through the public process, and leading up to Town Meeting
  • stronger password security

2 - Weston's Snow Plans & Policy

Visit to learn more about: 
  • frequently asked questions - like why are certain streets priority?
  • the DPW's snow response and plans
  • the Town's snow by-law -  no snow deposited in the public way and parking bans
  • Plow damage policy

Weston's Snow By-law? 

Weston General By-law (Article IV, Section 5) prohibits the depositing of snow or ice onto or across any public way, including sidewalks or public property. This by-law was adopted to address the continuing problem of private contractors plowing snow from private driveways into the public way. This causes unsafe road conditions that must be corrected by the DPW, which then means it takes more time for crews to clear the roads. Please remind your plow contractor of this by-law because it is the property owner who will be fined.

Cars parked on the residential roads during a snow storm also cause problems for our snow plows. Under section 3 of article IV, the DPW has the authority to have a vehicle removed at the owner's expense if it is interfering with snow removal. Because many of Weston's roads are narrow, if a car is parked along the roadway, more than half of that roadway is left with snow in the middle and on either side of where the car was parked. If it is snowing, please place cars in the driveways.

3 - Running for Local Office

Have you ever thought about how you can give back to the community? Or how you can affect change locally? Have you ever thought of running for office?  Weston's Town Government is supported by volunteers who serve on elected and appointed boards and committees. In fact, there are currently 34 active boards and committees with nearly 200 Weston residents who help make policy, develop and shape various Town projects, and give of their time and talents for the betterment of the community.

Weston has traditionally used the Town Caucus to nominate candidates for Town office. If you're just a little bit curious, visit the Town's website to read up on the duties and responsibilities of the 9 elected offices. Weston's Town Caucus will be held on March 5, 2018, to nominate candidates for the Annual Town Election in May. Watch for future announcements for the caucus.

Of course, if you would rather not run for an elected post, you can volunteer to serve on an appointed committee. The Board of Selectmen is currently seeking candidates for the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee.

4 - New Blog: Animal Control Corner

Weston's new Animal Control Officer, Rachel Hoffman, has started a blog where she will occasionally post helpful tips, FAQs, and other items of interest regarding Weston's wildlife, farm animals, and house pets. Comments and questions are encouraged! Visit the Animal Control Corner to find her first entry and subscribe to receive notification of future posts.

5 - Town Projects to Follow

Now that Special Town Meeting is over, what do future Town Meetings have in store? In addition to the Board of Selectmen and the Community Preservation Committee, residents can follow the town committees working on these projects:
  • FY19 Operating Budget - follow Selectmen, School Committee and Finance Committee
  • Town Center Improvement Project - follow the Town Center Planning Committee
  • Case House Renovations - follow the Permanent Building Committee and Historical Commission
  • Merriam Street Sidewalk - follow the Traffic & Sidewalk Committee 
  • Josiah Smith Tavern - follow the Permanent Building Committee
  • Wayside Rail Trail - follow the Rail Trail Advisory Committee
  • 133 Boston Post Road - follow the Selectmen and Planning Board

The Weston Art & Innovation Center received funding to begin construction for the Old Library, but residents can still follow progress by following the WAIC Advisory Board and the Permanent Building Committee. 

How does one "follow" a committee?

Visit, enter your email address (and cell number if you want text alerts) and start checking the items of interest to you. You'll need to confirm each subscription and clear as a safe sender. The emails/texts you receive will be notifications of when items are posted to the Town's website.


2018 Save the Dates:

Annual Town Caucus - March 5th
FY19 Budget Hearing (Town & School) - April 30th
Annual Town Election - May 5th
Annual Town Meeting - May 7th and 9th, May 14th (if needed)

Wreaths on Municipal Buildings

Many thanks to the members of the Weston Garden Club who make the evergreen wreaths displayed on many of Weston's municipal buildings. 

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