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Welcome Town Manager Leon Gaumond!

Leon Gaumond is Weston's new Town Manager as of October 1st. Mr. Gaumond served as the Town Administrator for Sturbridge and West Boylston, and before that, the Executive Secretary in East Longmeadow. He also served as the Chief of Staff for Rep. Caron in the State House. Mr. Gaumond was chosen as a finalist through a formal process with the Town Manager Screening Committee and a consultant specializing in finding municipal leadership. He was appointed by the Selectmen on July 10th and will be Weston's 3rd Town Manager.

Weston's current Town Manager, Donna VanderClock, will be retiring after 34 years of service to the town. A farewell reception will be held on September 26th and all members of the Weston community are welcome to stop by and visit from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. A short presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m. An Enrichment Fund has been set up in Ms. VanderClock's name and donations are welcome.

Details on the event and the fund can be found in the invitation.

Citizens Academy

Classes Start Thursday -
Don't Miss This Citizens' Academy

The Board of Selectmen invites Weston residents to attend a program specifically designed to familiarize citizens with the processes and procedures associated with Town services. Weston Citizens’ Academy consists of a series of presentations, discussions, and visits to Town departments and facilities. The objectives of the Academy are to facilitate and deepen public knowledge and understanding of how Weston’s Town Government operates; promote a two-way dialogue between Town staff and residents; and enhance public participation by communicating opportunities for residents to become involved. All sessions will be led by Town staff at their respective facilities.

The 7-week course begins Sept. 20th. While attending the seven weeks is ideal, we do recognize that it is not always possible. If you miss a class, it won't impede your "graduation."

The full schedule and registration information is available at


September is National Preparedness Month

Every week during the month of September the Weston Emergency Reserve Corps (WERC) will be highlighting specific steps that we can all take to be prepared for emergencies as individuals, as families, and as a community. Here's a summary:

Make and Practice Your Plan

  • See for great resources and templates you can use to make your family emergency plan
  • Check out Weston's Community Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide for additional tips on making your 72-hour kit

Learn Life Saving Skills

  • WERC recommends being trained in at least CPR and basic first aid. Check out this free online program called You Are the Help Until Help Arrives
  • Know how to create a safe environment by knowing basic home maintenance, such as turning off utilities (gas, electric, water), knowing where your fire extinguishers are, and installing and testing carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on every level of your home

What Happens When it's Not a Test?

Focus on communications
  • Starting at about 2:18 pm on October 3rd, FEMA will be conducting a nationwide test of both the Emergency Alert System (TV and radio) and Wireless Emergency Alert (cellphone) system. (Originally scheduled for 9/20. Details are online. Don’t be alarmed, but do pay attention. 
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date in WestonAlerts, the emergency notification system used for vital announcements limited to the town. Visit for more information.

Save for an Emergency

  • Learn more about being financially prepared in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency. Having access to personal finances, insurance, medical and other records is crucial.
  • Also, check your insurance coverage

Step Up Your Recycling!

The more items recycled and left out of the solid waste stream, the better it is for the earth and your wallet. Even doing a little bit more can help a lot. If you want to get in on this, but are unsure of all that can be recycled at the facility (or where it even goes), Transfer Station Supervisor John Zaccardi teamed up with Weston Media Center and created two informational videos to help you out:

  • Textile recycling - what are those white bins with the Town seal?
  • What goes where - from cardboard to glass, including bulk plastic and wood, refundable cans and bottles, and scrap metal. This is a really good review!
You can also find more information on what should stay out of the solid waste stream at
Transfer Station and Recycling permits expire on September 30th. Renew online, in person, or through the mail. 
The Brush Dump (Merriam Street Composting Facility) will open for six consecutive Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. starting Oct. 20th to accommodate fall clean-up. A current permit is required. Please do not leave brush in plastic bags.
new K9

Introducing Weston's K9

Weston Police Department was awarded a grant to fund a K9 unit. This black German shepherd and Officer Michael Rizzitello are heading to the Boston Police Academy for specialized training during the month of October and the dog will be in active duty in November. Weston's K9 will be used for all-around patrol in the community and tracking.

The dog does not yet have a name, but Weston PD is currently seeking suggestions on its Facebook page. Check out the many suggestions left so far and vote for your favorite. If you have a new suggestion, leave it in the comments.


MCRT Grants Awarded

The Rail Trail Advisory Committee was busy this spring and summer and secured state funds to assist in Weston’s planning portion of the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT), including landscape screening, parking, and signage. To date, the Rail Trail Advisory Committee has been awarded $100,000 through the state’s Recreational Trails Program, overseen by Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and a $57,279 matching grant from DCR’s Partnership Matching Fund Program. The Committee also secured an additional $50,000 in the state's fiscal year 2019 budget. The grants will be used to offset the $510,000 in Community Preservation Act funds that have been previously approved by Town Meeting. 

At its last meeting, the Committee passed a resolution encouraging residents of Weston to form a “friends of the Weston rail trail” group, separate from the Committee. The function of the “friends” group is to plan events, coordinate volunteers, and act as the town support group for the rail trail once the Committee is no longer needed by the Board of Selectmen. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Paul Penfield at

The state continues its work to complete the MCRT and it is anticipated that a portion of the trail will be open in the fall. The underpass at Conant Road is anticipated to be opened in 2019, completing Weston's portion of the trail.

ACO Hoffman

Weston's ACO Completes National Certification

Animal Control Officer Rachel Hoffman has recently completed the National Animal Control and Humane Officer Academy through the National Animal Care and Control Association to receive national certification as an Animal Control Officer. Topics of coursework she completed, include animal behavior, bio-security, rabies, veterinary evaluations and injury assessment, and animal cruelty investigations. This training allows our ACO the knowledge to be able to appropriately, efficiently, and effectively react to a multitude of situations that can arise in the animal care and control field. 

Check out the Animal Control Corner blog by ACO Hoffman for helpful tips about animals and wildlife in Weston. You can subscribe to receive notification of the next post at, so you don't miss the next one.


Special Town Meeting Warrant Open for Citizens' Petitions

Residents wishing to submit a Citizens' Petition for an article on the upcoming Town Meeting Warrant must submit the appropriate paperwork by October 9th. To assist Weston voters interested in petitioning the Selectmen to place an article on the warrant, please refer to the "Guide to Citizens' Petitions for Town Meeting" for helpful explanations and procedures, as well as the appropriate paperwork to submit. Consultation with the Town Manager is also strongly recommended for form and procedure.

Special Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 27th. Action may be taken at Town Meeting only on items appearing in the Warrant. Citizens who want to bring something before Town Meeting are encouraged to speak with the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen well in advance of Annual Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting. By doing so, they may be able to avoid the need for formal petitions. For more information on what Town Meeting is, please refer to the Town's website.


Town Projects to Watch

Following ongoing and upcoming projects is made a little more simple by subscribing to receive the meeting agendas and minutes posting of the committee overseeing the project. What committees are working on what projects? Visit the Town Projects section of the website to find out. Then visit and enter your email address to get started on your subscriptions - or if you are already signed up for one topic (like this newsletter), check for new topics. 

With Special Town Meeting coming up on Nov. 27th, a few committees are busy preparing for Town Meeting funding requests, such as the Permanent Building Committee for the Case House renovations and the Town Center Planning Committee for the Town Center Improvement Project. Watch the Town Projects section of the website for updates. Also be sure you're subscribed to receive the agendas and minutes of the Board of Selectmen since the Town Meeting agenda (warrant) is set by them and the committees present project updates to the Board.

The Selectmen are also seeking a friendly housing development at 751 - 761 Boston Post Road. This project is very much in its infancy and the conversation will be continuing over the next several months. Additional information will be added to the Town Projects section of the website, under Affordable Housing.


Weston Survey of Residents Age 55+

The Town has initiated a Needs Assessment to identify the current and long-term needs of its residents 55+ in order to better serve this growing demographic. Surveys will be mailed to every resident 55+ in October. This is the final step in the process, which included both qualitative and quantitative methods of study since February 2018. The survey is voluntary and anonymous and will assist the Town in planning for adult programs and services. The final report will be presented in a public forum.


Thickly Settled - 25 mph Speed Limit

At their meeting on August 28th, the Selectmen voted to adopt the state-permitted "Thickly Settled" speed limit of 25 mph within town. This is meant to encourage slower speeds on many of our roads. Be on the look-out for the new "Thickly Settled" speed limit signs, which will be posted on the town border in select locations.

The process to change posted speed limits is a lengthy and complicated one, but one that is being pursued.


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