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1. Wireless Metering - like a crystal ball for water usage

2. Mass Central Rail Trail - are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?

3. Town Center Construction Project - just in case you haven't heard, it has started

4. Update on 751BPR and 518 S. Ave. - looks like the ZBA will be meeting a lot over the next few months. They may need some cookies

5. Gas Infrastructure Audit - think you smell gas? You probably are. The final report is here

6. Case Estates Ecological Management Plan - it's for the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees

  • The Sustainability Committee secured a fat grant for the Town
  • Clean streams, rivers, and lakes start with you
  • *Town Government never stops
  • New to Town? Start here


Your Top 6* in Town News

A snapshot of Weston's Town Government news.

1 - Wireless Metering

Imagine knowing exactly how much water you're using on any given day, which gives you the ability to budget, project, and manage water consumption. Well, it's coming soon to Weston!

An Advance Metering Infrastructure, approved by 2017 Annual Town Meeting, will be installed in the coming months. This technology will upgrade many of Weston's water meters and allow Public Works staff to read meters remotely and detect leaks and unaccounted for water in real time. Consumers will also have real-time access to their household water usage through a web-based and mobile interface. Leak alerts and consumption parameters can be set to alert consumers to potential issues or to help advance personal "Green" initiatives.

Letters will be going out to water customers alerting them to the installation. See for further details on the program, including a sample letter, the installation process, and more.

2 - Mass Central Rail Trail Update

MassDCR construction crews are almost done reopening the Conant Road underpass. It is anticipated that Conant Road will reopen to vehicular traffic on/around July 3rd; however, there is still street-level work that will continue through to September. 

The section of the rail trail from Conant Road to Church Street is not yet open to recreational use. Additional drainage, fencing, final paving, loaming and seeding, and final cleanup is work that remains, as well as the Church Street and Concord Road parking areas, which are currently under construction. It is anticipated that work on the rail trail will extend into August and possibly September for the seeding. Please obey all construction signs along the trail - from trail closure to staying off shoulders - for your safety.

3 - Town Center Construction Project

Construction in the Town Center has started. It's messy and inconvenient but the end result will be worth it as the Town Center will be more inviting, safer, and pedestrian-friendly.

If you are interested in following the construction process, a three-week look ahead of the anticipated construction activities scheduled is on the project's web page on the Town's website at

A Town Center Construction notification listserv is active. If you wish to receive construction updates or follow progress via email or text, subscribe at Project communications are issued through this notification system. Updates will also be posted to the Town's website at

4 - Modera Weston (751-761 Boston Post Road), Hanover Weston (518 South Ave.), and the Zoning Board of Appeals

The comprehensive permit hearings have started for the 180-unit 40B project located at 751-761 Boston Post Road. The next hearing is scheduled for July 8th. It was originally posted for 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall, but due to lighting issues in the auditorium, this has been moved to the Police Station Training Room at 7:30 p.m.

Materials submitted by Mill Creek Residential (the developer), peer reviews, and future project submissions can be found on the Town's website with the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

The Project Eligibility Letter for the 40B project at 518 South Avenue was issued by MassHousing on July 1st and the developer, Hanover Company, has submitted its Comprehensive Permit Application materials, which can be found on the Town's website with the Zoning Board of Appeals. The public hearing has not yet been called.

Understanding a 40B Comprehensive Permit Process

An application for a Comprehensive Permit triggers a judicial process where members of the Zoning Board of Appeals hold a series of public hearings to receive information regarding the project. This is a prescribed process set by state law. Additional information on the timeline, process, and the 40B law can be found on the Town's website.

Subscribe to receive email/text notifications of Zoning Board of Appeals meetings at to follow the public hearings for either project.

5 - Gas Infrastructure Audit

Like many towns in Massachusetts, Weston has a gas leak problem due to the state’s aging gas infrastructure. Not only are gas leaks a safety concern, but they are also an environmental and health issue for our community. Through the Town's newly established Sustainability Committee, the local citizens' group, Sustainable Weston Action Group (SWAG), approached the Board of Selectmen with a request for the Town to conduct an independent audit of its gas infrastructure in order to better understand its full condition.

The audit was conducted in two phases: 1) to survey the town’s road network and locate all elevated methane levels; and, 2) a full assessment of all elevated methane locations, confirming the source and size of the leak, and document any existing or potential damage to surrounding vegetation and trees.

The audit and can be found on the town's website along with additional information. Members of SWAG will be attending a Selectmen's meeting in September to present the final report and to discuss next steps. They are also planning an additional public information meeting for the fall. Stay tuned for details!

6 -  Case Estates Ecological Management Plan

Weston's Conservation Commission has engaged Mass Audubon’s Ecological Extension Services to draft an Ecological Management Plan (EMP) for the Case Estates, a 62-acre open space property acquired by the Town in 2016. The EMP will help to guide the maintenance and stewardship of the unique Case Estates property over the next seven years. 

If you have thoughts about how the town can best steward the Case Estates over the next seven years, please share them on our online form. Input will be collected until July 30th. A draft of the EMP will be ready later this fall, with an opportunity for public review. Leave your email address at the end of the online form to be notified when the draft is ready for review. 


Weston's Sustainability Committee secured a $26,500 grant to assist in the planning phase of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program. This state program is designed to support Mass. towns in planning for climate change resiliency and implementing priority projects. It provides funding to complete vulnerability assessments and develop action-oriented resiliency plans. To follow the progress, subscribe to receive agenda/minute notifications of the Sustainability Committee.

When it rains, it washes trash, chemicals, and pet waste from the roads and ground to local streams. That's called stormwater pollution and it's the fastest growing type of water pollution in Massachusetts. This harms our lakes, rivers, and streams, which also harms our water supplies, fish and wildlife that live there, and our health. Stormwater pollution is a problem that every resident can tackle - from picking up dog waste (and properly disposing of it) to using natural landscaping practices to minimize watering and the need for artificial fertilizers. Find simple tips and solutions from neighboring communities on the Think Blue Massachusetts website


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