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1. Road construction - I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it - so why is it happening?

2. Town Center Project: yes, more construction...BUT

3. Volunteer opportunity: it'll take more than just book smarts [insert rimshot]

4. Transfer Station Permits expire 9/30: and in the interest of reducing waste, permit applications are online

5. ZBA 40B HearingS:  for two project at 380 units of rental housing in total 

You read this far, you might as well.
  • Fall is shaping up to be busy and fun!
  • Save the date - Special Town Meeting is Dec. 3rd

Your Top 5 in Town News

An easy to digest digest of Town Government news.

1. Road Construction

If you've been in town and driving around at all over the past few months you've probably noticed there is quite a bit of road construction going on. Yes, it is inconvenient but it is a necessity. The end will result in a beautifully paved road with upgraded systems below.

So, why so much and why all now? 

  • There has been a steady increase in roadway funding over the last five fiscal years in order to address the overall roadway condition of the town
  • A 2015 pavement management program found that 77% of Weston's roads were in need of base rehabilitation with 14% needing structural improvements
  • Once roadway condition standards are brought up, preventative maintenance can be used more often to protect the investment
Why does it take so long to complete?
  • Road projects have to be coordinated with gas and water main replacements, as well as drainage/stormwater needs, travel usage, and roadway treatment history
  • New stormwater regulations from the state mean new stormwater engineering and drainage mitigation, which usually requires easements from private properties
  • Weather, availability of supplies, crews, machinery, etc.
  • Fiscal year budget appropriations and state budget appropriations need to be approved and dispersed and sub-contractors need to be hired and scheduled
Why isn't work conducted at night?
  • Work could be expected at night; however, we're a very residential community
  • Generally speaking, work is timed in between rush hours
Why are detours used?
  • For the safety of crews and the traveling public
  • Emergency crews are considered in the planning and are alerted in advance
How do I know when my road will be paved?
Did you know?
  • After roads are paved, they're protected for 5 years from road cuttings
  • After reconstruction, roads are placed on a maintenance plan such as crack sealing or rubber chip sealing
  • Some of the road construction is not part of the Town's capital improvement project, such as National Grid gas main replacements or the recent Concord Road underpass work for the state's rail trail

2. Town Center Project

Speaking of road construction...sub-surface work in the Town Center is well underway. Currently, the work consists of underground infrastructure, including drainage, water, and utility ductbanks and manholes. The work is messy and quite disruptive to our normalcy; however, the end result will be worth it as the Town Center will be cleaner and more inviting, safer, and pedestrian-friendly -- something the heart of Weston surely deserves. Hopefully, keeping these images in mind and making plans to meet up in the new community spaces will make patience with the disruption a bit easier.

Also know that this immensely complicated project was well planned and is under incredibly-skilled management. Access to businesses is supported and monitored, as "Businesses are Open" was a critical directive given to the construction team by the planning committee. Police Detail is on site and pedestrian access is maintained. Despite some parking being blocked off in the construction areas, not all of it will be and signage directing to alternative parking will be put in place when crews approach the center of the work limits.

Traffic is being managed and sometimes detoured. Currently, the one-way direction of Town House Road has been reversed to accommodate traffic heading west-bound on the Post Road. This change is anticipated to be in place for approximately five weeks. Watch for road signs and/or Police Detail for direction.Traffic Management Plans are also posted to the project web page.

If you are interested in following the construction process, a three-week look ahead of the anticipated construction activities scheduled is on the project's web page on the Town's website at The project web page also has an outline of anticipated activities for the month of August.

A Town Center Construction notification listserv is active. If you wish to receive construction updates or follow progress via email or text, subscribe at Project communications are issued through this notification list, as well as the Town's Facebook (Town of Weston, MA) and Twitter (@Town_of_Weston) pages. Updates will also be posted to the Town's website at

3. Volunteer Opportunity:

Board of Library Trustees

Due to a recent resignation, there is one seat open on this elected board. The candidate must be a registered voter of Weston and be willing to run for election in May to fill the remainder of the three year term. To learn more and how to apply, visit

4. Transfer Station Permits
Expire Sept. 30th

The annual DPW mailing and application are online, now

Did you know, you can renew your transfer station permit online? If you have the same vehicle as last year, visit to find the 2019/2020 rates and the online renewal portal. Using an electronic check will not incur any credit card fees.

If you rather get your permit through the mail or in person, or you have a new car, the application can be downloaded at or it can be picked up at the Council on Aging or the Weston Public Library.

This year, the Public Works Department will not be mailing the application packet to every household. If you would like one mailed to you, please call 781-786-5100 to request one. By eliminating this annual town-wide mailing, Weston will be reducing its carbon footprint as well as the amount of paper that is thrown away, and it also saves tax-payer dollars.

5. 40B ZBA Hearings:

Modera Weston at 751-761 Boston Post Road

Hanover Weston at 518 South Avenue

The Zoning Board of Appeals will be busy over the next few months with these two 40B proposals. 

The comprehensive permit hearing for the 180 rental unit development proposed at 751-761 Boston Post Road will continue on August 12th at 7pm. The application materials and studies are available on the ZBA's web page.

The comprehensive permit hearings for the 200 rental unit development proposed at 518 South Avenue will open on August 19th at 7pm. Find the permit application materials on the ZBA's web page. 

Understanding a 40B Comprehensive Permit Process

An application for a Comprehensive Permit triggers a judicial process where members of the Zoning Board of Appeals hold a series of public hearings to receive information regarding the project. This is a prescribed process set by state law. Additional information on the timeline, process, and the 40B law can be found on the Town's website.

Subscribe to receive email/text notifications of Zoning Board of Appeals meetings at to follow the public hearings for either project.


  • The grand opening celebration of the Art & Innovation Center is Sept. 14th
  • The Rotary Club's 25th annual car show is Sept. 21st
  • Pumpkin Fest and the Josiah Smith Tavern* and Fire Department open houses are all on Oct. 12th
  • The Mass Central Rail Trail grand opening is Oct. 19th
  • Fall Special Town Meeting is Dec. 3rd*

*Construction funds for the reuse of the Josiah Smith Tavern is anticipated to be coming to the Dec. 3rd Special Town Meeting. Subscribe to receive agenda posting notifications for the Permanent Building Committee and the Board of Selectmen to learn more


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