What is the Weston Cultural Council?
The Weston Cultural Council, administered at the state level by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, receives state funds to be granted at the local level. Municipally-appointed volunteers meet and decide how to distribute the money to projects that promote access, education, diversity and excellence in three areas: Arts (crafts, performing, visual, media, folk, design, literary, and interdisciplinary arts); Humanities (history, social studies, philosophy, criticism, and literature); and Interpretive Sciences (engaging people in learning about nature, science, and technology in ways that connect to their lives). Weston Cultural Council (WCC)

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1. What is the Weston Cultural Council?
2. Who qualifies for Weston Cultural Council funding?
3. What type of proposals will receive priority?
4. Are there any requirements for receiving grants?
5. How much funding can I ask for?
6. What types of projects have been funded in the past?
7. What are the grant application deadlines?
8. Where can I get a grant application?
9. Where do I send my grant application?
10. Who do I contact for additional information?