How do I report plow damage?

First, please know that the Town is not liable for damages incurred by plowed, thrown or moved snow and ice as the result of normal plowing operations. Further, the Town is not responsible for the following damaged items that are located within the public way: fences; lawns; shrubs; sprinkler heads; steps; or trees.

Mailbox Responsibility
The town will be responsible for mailboxes that are physically hit by a plow; however, the town is not liable for damage to mailboxes caused from heavy, wet snow being plowed. Mailboxes will not be repaired if they are in a deteriorated condition.

Mailboxes and posts damaged by the impact of a snowplow will be fixed and/or replaced by the town with a standard wooden post and black box. The town will provide a check in the amount of $50 for homeowner’s use for any specialty mailbox and/or post that cannot be repaired.

To report plow damage, please contact the Department of Public Works at 781-786-5100. See also: 

Plow Damage & Policies

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