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Sandwich Board Permit Request

  1. Applicants must provide, appropriately place, and remove their sandwich board signs. Signs are permissible only in the three locations listed below. If food is sold at event, applicant must contact the Weston Board of Health at 781-786-5030.

    Permits are good for one week only, typically Saturday to Saturday. By law, only six sign boards at a time can occupy the designated locations. Signs not removed in a timely manner will be removed by the Town.

    Sandwich Boards can be no larger than 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide (36 inches by 24 inches).

    Please read the Sandwich Board Rules prior to making your request.

  2. If your organization has had a previous event, please give the approximate date.

  3. Requested Locations of Signs

    Please check the desired locations.

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