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1. How are my taxes determined?
2. Does public transportation serve Weston?
3. How do Community Preservation Act funds (CPA) work in Weston?
4. How do I get in touch with Weston's Veterans' Services Director?
5. How do I get involved with Town Government?
6. How do I license my dog?
7. How do I obtain a list of Licensed Commercial Dog Walkers?
8. How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot Application?
9. How do I register to vote?
10. What is Town Meeting and how does it work?
11. What local newspapers carry news about Weston?
12. What utilities serve homes in Weston?
13. Where can I get a map of the trails in Weston?
14. Who are my elected representatives at the state and federal level?
15. Who do I contact regarding affordable housing in Weston?
16. Who do I talk to about a parking ticket that I received?